The Green Ray – 24mm Hybrid Tribble Synthetic Brush – Retro Shave Tech!

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As for the Hybrid Tribble Synth Knot, I put an equal amount of time into it, if not more! In researching this brush I knew I wanted a high quality synthetic knot that would deliver but you would not need to baby. I mean, The Green Ray is a looker, you are gonna want to take this with you everywhere and by using a durable synthetic knot you are able to do this worry free…but once again, I am getting ahead of myself!

It’s pretty safe to say that Synth knots have really come a long way and have really made some strides in their overall feel and performance in the past few years. There are so many great options now available. Truly it is a shave new world in that respect. But I wanted The BEST and knew I would have to dig…so I bought one of all the market had to offer and took many a poll in the forums. [Some of you may have seen these polls and even participated. If so thanks, your feedback was excellent!]

I mounted each of these different synth knots in ferrules for my Switchback 400 and hung with each one for a few days. Whenever anyone visited the shop I’d whip out the knots and ask for their opinion as well.

Test knots consisted of bulbs and fans. Eventually I stumbled upon two of the Tribble Synth specimens, one Fan & one Bulb. It was a tough call, so much so I reached out to the manufacturer and asked that they create a hybrid of the two for me to test.

BOOM, best of both worlds! The new hybrid rated higher than all the other knots by a huge margin. In short, it checked all the boxes: Super Soft tips, just the right amount of backbone, a fanning splay yet retained some punchiness, reminiscent of a horse hair knot but didn’t tangle, great face latherer and great in a bowl or scuttle.

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